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Matching gifts are an easy way to multiply your donation.

Doubling – or even tripling – the size of your donation is easier than you may think. Many businesses match employee’s charitable donations on a one-for-one basis. That means if you donate $50, your employer will also donate (or match) $50. Some companies generously match two-for-one or even three-for-one, meaning your employer would then donate $100 or $150, respectively.

To find out if your company has a matching gifts program, check with your Human Resources department. Encourage your donors to check with their employers, too. Typically, employers provide a form or have an online request system that you will have to send in with your donation. Write your name and event name on the form, and encourage your sponsors to do the same, so that all donations are properly credited to your account. 

Want to find out if your company has a matching gifts program? See our list:

Before you know it, matching gifts can help your fundraising thermometer reach new heights!

Note: Matching gifts will be included in prize totals based upon the accredited institution, regardless of whether we have the matching gift in hand by the prize deadline date. Matching gifts are not counted toward the fundraising minimum unless received by the day of event.

Helpful Tips for Matching Gifts

Spread the word about matching gifts: Encourage your donors to see if their company participates in a matching gift program.

Have matching gift forms when you approach your coworkers: If your company participates in a matching gift program, when they make a contribution, you can hand them a form to complete. Just by informing them of this opportunity, you could double or triple your contributions. Remind your donors to include your name and the event name so the gift will be credited to your personal fundraising.

The earlier, the better: Enclosing the matching gift forms in your donation envelope on the day of the event will ensure that your matching gift is included with your donation total and counted toward your prize eligibility. Please include a copy of your pledge form for the National MS Society to reference.

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Fundraise with Facebook  

Change your profile picture to a photo of the Walk MS or National MS Society logo. It’s a constant reminder to your Facebook friends that you’re participating in Walk MS and raising funds for the Society. Send a newsfeed story using "Get the Word Out" and your friends can click directly on your status update to donate to you. Share your story of why you walk, and read stories of other participants. View your personalized fundraising badge, which includes a thermometer that keeps track of your fundraising progress and provides an easy way to check real time fundraising status.

Get your Facebook fundraising started today! Post a link on Facebook to the fundraising page in your Participant Center and let folks know how your Walk MS fundraising is going. Send a message through Facebook to all of your friends and spread the word about your fundraising. You never know who has a connection to MS. Here's a great how-to guide on raising funds through Facebook.

How to Email Your Facebook Friends

Facebook limits your messages to 20 people at a time. To send a fundraising or recruitment email to a large audience you should export your Facebook friends’ email addresses into your personal email or Participant Center. Yahoo recently released a new feature that does this for you. Once you’re logged into your Yahoo account, click on “contacts”, and then select the option to import your Facebook friends. Yahoo will take you through a step-by-step process. If you don’t have a Yahoo account, you can create one to get your Facebook contacts, and then export those email address to any email server of your choice.

Stay Up-to-Date on Walk MS News!

Walk MS Upstate New York is on Facebook. Stay updated with the latest event news and photos by joining the Walk MS Upstate New York page on Facebook.

Follow us and help us build our page! Be sure to post comments, share exciting news, and connect with other friends of the chapter.

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