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Walk MS is one of the National MS Society's premier fundraising events that brings change and hope to more than 12,800 people living with MS and their families in the Upstate New York Chapter and around the nation. Walk MS truly is a celebration of a hope as our community comes together to walk and raise money toward a world free of multiple sclerosis. Your efforts support the many programs and services provided by the Society, and fund important research into the cause, treatments and a cure for MS.

Putting your dollars to work

Below are examples of how the money you raise could be put to work to help people living with MS in our community.

$35 - could assist self-help groups in supporting people affected by MS.
$65 - could fund wellness programs, aimed at treating the mind, body and spirit.
$120 - could help pay for a physical therapy session to manage MS symptoms by enhancing strength and mobility.
$200 - could help fuel our cause to help influence change by engaging elected officials to make multiple sclerosis a priority.
$400 - could help fund a researcher working to end MS forever.
$1000 - could provide two consultations with an MS Navigator for nearly 30 people living with MS. You will also be welcomed as a member of the Society’s Golden Circle.
The Golden Circle honors those who have made a significant contribution to our mission to mobilize people and resources to drive research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by MS.

Every dollar counts in the fight against MS. Here is an example of how money you raise is directly benefitting people living with MS in our community: 

$50 - will purchase a cane to improve walking ability
$75 - will pay for a family to receive counseling when a loved one has just been diagnosed with MS
$84 - will pay for an occupational therapist to evaluate the safety of the home of somone living with MS
$100 - will cover the cost of a walker for someone living with MS who has difficulty walking
$250 - provides three sessions of rehabilitation therapy
$1,500 - can cover the cost of a scooter for someone living with MS
$2,500 - provides 150 hours of homecare assistance 


In 2012, the National MS Society committed $44 million to support 350 new MS research projects around the world.

We have all kinds of great resources and online tools for you to use. Check out our fundraising related pages linked above and log in to your Participant Center to get started.

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