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The more you raise, the better your prize!

Although fundraising for a cure is its own reward, the Upstate New York Chapter of the National MS Society offers great prizes each year to reward our Walk MS fundraisers.

All walkers who raise more than $125 will be awarded an official Walk MS t-shirt. Pick up your t-shirt at Walk MS that morning.

Qualifying prizes above the $250 level are available from our online prize redemption company. Reach for the stars and earn great prizes, including commemorative clothing, exercise equipment, electronics, and more!

Click here to view Walk MS prizes

Mission First All-Stars Club:

Thank you to all of our Mission First All-Stars. This year 112 people donated their pirzes back and saved nearly $3,000 to go back to the mission! View the list of generous donors below that donated their prize back in 2013. Then you for helping create a world free of MS! 

Layla Aburas-Khafaga

Michele Amoia

Michelle Anthony

Daniel Ayers

Aaron Baker

Lisa Barbera

Pamela Barse

Samantha Beacraft

 Colleen Beckwith

 Nancy Bertini

Renee Bielmann

 Julie Bink

Nicole Bomasuto

Michelle Bonn

 Leonard Bouren

 Lois Bouren

Marcia Bramhall

Roberta Buczkowski

Marlee Cannon

Lisa Capizzi

Stacey Carey

Valerie Chakedis

 Mary Lou Coleman

Nadine Compisi

 Charles Cummings

 Angie Davis

 Shay Davis

 Colleen Demichele

 Diana Dolce

 JoLyn Donlon

Ted Eck

Maria Eckart

 Marla Eglowstein

Deborah Farley 

 Mark Funk

 Susan Gardner

 Holly Gendreau

 Fay Gordon

 Carol Greenblatt

 Diane Gross

 Minnie Hansen

 Dianne Harrington

 Lauri Hebert

 Rachel Heinen

 Daniel Hiam

 Michele Hiam

Michael Hinman 

 Jamie Huber

 Douglas Kaleta

 Michele Keller

 Jill Klein

 Celina Kooijmans

 Beth La Valle

 Susan Lafler

 Josh LaSpada

 Sandy LaSpada

 Tom LaSpada

Nicole Laurin

 Sheryl Lepkowski

Catherine Lesio 

Betsy LoGiudice

Kara Lundgren

Donna Malawski 

Victor Mancini 

Catherine Markowski 

Linda Marshall

Cassandra Mason 

Jean Mattoon 

 Carol Maxwell

Stanley McCormack 

Janis McCormack 

Alyssa McDonald 

 Louis Medved

 Linda Monfette

Mary Theresa Moreland 

Marge Morris 

Ronald Nichols 

Sheri Nichols 

Terry Nichols 

Sandra Niver 

Jill Novak

Bette Nuhfer

 Carol Osterhout

 David Osterhout

Keli Pautler

Anne Marie Perkins 

Kathy Phelan 

 Sam Quetchenbach

Sue Saburro 

 Debbie Schmitt

Barbara Seils 

William Seils 

 Brenda Selander

Melissa Shipman 

Jennifer Skiff 

 Ronald Surdej

 Mary Ann Taney

Sylvia Taub 

Joy Toppses 

 Patricia Tormey

Nicole Torrillo 

Eileen Valko Barry 

 Rachel Vein

 Patricia Walter

April Warner 

 Cheryl Waters

 William Webb

 Cindy Williams

 Virginia Wilmot

 Novia-Lee Wood

Roberta Yohn 

Julie Yunker

Myrna Zugelder


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