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Host your own wrap-around event!

A wrap-around event is a fundraising event that you plan and host – a popular way for individuals and teams to meet their fundraising goals.

  • You can plan any kind of event: a dinner party at your home, a garage or bake sale, a karaoke night, a bowling or poker tournament, a silent auction, etc., and donate the proceeds toward your Walk MS fundraising. 

  • You can also partner with a bar or restaurant for a fundraising night. Ask a local venue if they will pick one night to donate a percentage of their profits to your fundraising. They may even be willing to display MS information or brochures on the tables to help raise awareness, too. There are hundreds of bars and restaurants in our chapter area, so don’t be shy in asking!

The Upstate New York Chapter can support your events in the following ways:


  • Event planning:
    • We can send you material about multiple sclerosis and the National MS Society. Be sure to incorporate the Society’s mission in your event!
    • We can provide the Walk MS logo for you to use (within our branding guidelines). Please note all logo usage must be pre-approved by Society staff.
    • A Society staff member may be able to attend your event.
    • Tell others about your event by posting it to our calendar of  wrap-around events. To submit your event, email the details/flyer to
    • For general questions about fundraising events, contact us at 
  • These documents may help you secure donated items or a venue to host the event:


Thank you to our national sponsors

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!